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NZX Announcement : Limited Allotment of Shares

Dear Aorere Resources shareholder,

This announcement was released to NZX earlier today.


Chris Castle

Managing Director
Aorere Resources Limited
+64 (21) 558 185

23 August 2013

Aorere Resources Limited Allotment of Shares

Aorere Resources Limited (NZX: AOR) advises that it has today issued 2,610,966 ordinary shares at an issue price of $0.00766 per share. These shares have been issued to Chris Castle, the Managing Director of AOR in accordance with his contract for services with the Company.

For and on behalf of the Board,

Dene Biddlecombe



Class   of security:                   Ordinary shares 

ISIN:                                         NZNZIE0007S5  

Number   issued:                      2,610,966

Issue   price:                             $0.007  

Payment   in cash:                    Yes

Fully   paid:                               Yes

Percentage   of class:               0.514%

Purpose   of the issue:              Payment per Contract for Services

Authority   for issue:                  Board resolution

Date of   issue:                          18 October 2013

Total   number of securities on issue following allotment:   510,427,804 ordinary shares