Chatham Rock Phosphate



CRP holds a mining permit over an area off the coast of New Zealand with significant seabed deposits of rock phosphate. 

The licence area of 820 square kilometres is 450 km east of Christchurch, at 400 m depths on the Chatham Rise and in New Zealand territory.  Extraction of the rock phosphate will provide a locally produced alternative to the 1 million tonnes of this material annually used in New Zealand and primarily imported from Morocco, thereby reducing our carbon footprint as well as high transport and foreign exchange costs.

Rock phosphate is an essential ingredient of manufactured fertiliser and can be applied directly to pasture with less environmental damage than super-phosphate from run-off. Recent substantial increases in the market value of rock phosphate and advances in offshore extraction technology mean it is now feasible to harvest this resource. The deposits are comprised of nodules lying on the seabed and the relevant technology for such extraction is used routinely.

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