NZX Announcement: Aorere NTA/share 1.40 cents

5 August 2014

NZX Announcement 

Aorere NTA/share 1.40 cents 

Share price movements in AIM listed Mosman Oil and Gas continue to significantly influence Aorere’s net asset value.

Aorere Resources Limited holds 13% of Mosman, and will hold 12.2% after the recently announced Trident acquisition is completed. 

Our Mosman shareholding now has a present market value of NZD 4.7 million, based on the present market price of 23.3 pence. As a result the undiluted net asset backing of an Aorere share (including all significant portfolio assets at market value) is now 1.40 cents.

Aorere’s present market value at the most recent trade of 0.7 cent per share is NZD 4.48 million or 50% of the present net asset backing of $8.9 million.

The table below details the present market value of the various components of the portfolio.



Chris Castle, Managing Director

Aorere Resources Ltd